Robot Chicken Does Castlevania


Seth Green’s stop-motion action-figure comedy show attempts to answer the age-old question, “What the hell is with the Belmonts and whips?”

Not much to say here, actually. It’s always kind of fun seeing nerds in high places, whether we’re talking about Vin Diesel being a huge D&D fan or – in this case – laughing at the fact that the Robot Chicken team has more than a few gamers in it. Y’know, if the FF7 sketch and Grand Theft Mario from way back when hadn’t tipped you off already.

This time, they’re tackling beloved vampire-hunting franchise Castlevania. Rather than mock Simon Belmont for his ridiculously tiny shorts that even Daisy Duke would think twice before wearing, they poke fun at another interesting aspect of Castlevania: the Belmont clan’s fondness for whips.

Seriously, what is it with the whips? You’d think that if you were going to take down evil minions of an undead vampire lord, you’d bring a good sword with you or something. But no, the Belmonts have to be different. They have to get in touch with their wild sides and use whips. That’s just inconsiderate, really.

I’m hoping they’ll get around to tackling Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney someday. That’s just ripe with potential.

(Via Go Nintendo)

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