Robotech writers have turned to crowdfunding to pitch a series concept from creator Carl Macek.

If you’re anything like me, dear reader, you’re probably a big fan of giant mechs that shoot aliens invaders in the face. That being the case you might have some familiarity with Robotech, the 1985 anime series which introduced the concept to Western audiences. The franchise has seen a few film sequels since then, although nothing that’s ever quite matched the draw and widespread appeal of the original. Now Harmony Gold Productions hopes to change that with a Kickstarter for Robotech Academy, a pilot based on an original storyline by creator Carl Macek.

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to tell the world about Robotech Academy,” said Tommy Yune, President of Animation, Harmony Gold. “Over the last few years, Harmony Gold has been working hard to answer fan demand for a new Robotech project. The next step involves fans, who will be instrumental in supporting a crowdfunded Robotech project and making series creator Carl Macek’s original vision for Robotech Academy a reality.”

Before his death in 2010, Carl Macek developed the concept for a sequel where the children of Robotech‘s characters continue their adventures across the universe. While Harmony Gold hopes to produce a full series, this Kickstarter is focused first on developing a pilot to gauge interest for future episodes. The team is requesting $500,000 to complete the initial episode, of which almost $15,000 has been donated so far.

Despite the success of Robotech, actually getting sequels off the ground has been a hit-and-miss affair, with very few ever reaching completion. Turning to Kickstarter is potentially a much more secure prospect, since fans who want more Robotech could contribute to making it a reality. Meanwhile, Harmony Gold is sweetening the deal with pledge rewards that include the script, finished physical and digital copies of the film, and even the possibility of appearing as a character.

We’ll find out within 34 days whether that’s enough to launch a pilot, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see this Kickstarter reach its goal.

Source: Kickstarter

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