Some juicy details on the upcoming Wii version finally emerge, but do we still crave more?

Amidst the recent cornucopia of news about the impending release of Rock Band 2 on the Wii, Nintendo rock purists will be happy to learn they’ll finally be getting slightly less of a raw deal. In an announcement posted on the Rock Band forum, a Harmonix developer confirmed the Wii guitar peripheral for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will be compatible with the Wii version of Rock Band 2.

“(Harmonix) is committed to establishing Rock Band as a platform. We’d like to encourage the interoperability of instruments between platforms, so that players can experience music, and our games, with their instrument of choice,” said the representative who made the post under the moniker HMXHenry. He added Harmonix will continue advocating “wide-ranging” instrument compatibility across music platforms. While this will be good news to some, questions still linger about the compatibility of drums between upcoming games on Nintendo’s platform.

Another bright tidbit for Wii owners; they’ll finally have access to all of the missing DLC from the original Rock Band. The lack of DLC support on the first Wii installment was a major disappointment, so it’s nice to hear many players will finally get their druthers. An official press release announcing a launch timeframe and pricing for the Wii version confirms DLC from the first title will be rolled out on a weekly basis following the launch of Rock Band 2 until the entire back catalogue is available.

Nintendo Wii: always late to the party. Better than never, I suppose. While Xbox 360 owners have been already thundering along with the sonic goodness of Rock Band 2 for a full month now, the Wii version has just been given a vague “December” release window. The Rock Band 2 Special Edition Bundle will cost a pretty penny at $189.99. The standalone game, drums, and guitar are priced at $49.99, $89.99, and $69.99 respectively.

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