Rock Your Face Off With Brutal Legend: The Intro Movie


The wait until Rocktober 13th getting you down? Feast your eyes on the first six minutes of Brutal Legend

You know how when you have a bug bite or something, and it itches, and you scratch it, it feels really, really good? But then all that does is make it itch some more? It’s a vicious, perpetuating cycle – and one we’re falling into with Brutal Legend. Some new footage comes out that whets our appetite for the game just a bit, but then once we’re done, it makes us remember that the game is still a month away. Alas and alack.

If you’re the sort who doesn’t mind spoilers (and we’re talking spoilers about literally the first six minutes of the game) then Brutal Legend‘s intro movie does a great job at setting the stage for the game: Eddie Riggs is a good roadie. The best roadie, in fact. He knows what a roadie’s job is, and performs it admirably, even if he thinks that metal – the metal he cherishes and adores – is dead and gone.

Or is it? (Dun dun dun!)

Of course, the intro movie ends on a cliffhanger – they’re not going to give everything away, are they? Gee, I wonder where the game could go from here. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out…

(Via Joystiq)

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