Rockstar Debuts “There’s Always A Girl” Trailer


Episodes From Liberty City, the disc-based compilation of Grand Theft Auto IV’s two downloadable add-ons, arrives at the end of October, and to celebrate the predictably controversial firm has released a new trailer.

Dubbed “There’s Always A Girl,” the short vignette includes footage from both the Lost And Damned DLC pack and the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony add-on.

Sadly, when compared side by side, the latter add-on looks far more interesting. It’s almost like comparing an FX network drama to Michael Bay’s latest action blockbuster. The former could potentially wow you with edgy storylines and realistic portrayals of man’s inhumanity to man, but the latter has that sweet bit where the one dude shoots that airplane dude from a motorcycle then jumps onto the plane!

My raging elitism is scoffing repeatedly from the sanctity of its Ivory Tower at the comment I just made, but can any of you really disagree? The Transformers director perfectly encapsulates the schadenfreude of gaming, intentionally or not, and even those of us who sneeze into nearby copies of Jung’s “Red Book” can find a sublime joy in the zen chaos of truly creative (albeit virtual) destruction.

I’m suddenly excited about a Grand Theft Auto game for the first time since L7 and Dre were on the soundtrack.

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