Rockstar is Disabling GTA V Transfers from PS3 and 360 On March 6


If you haven’t moved your Grand Theft Auto V progression from PS3 or Xbox 360 yet, Rockstar says your time is almost up.

When Grand Theft Auto V launched on PS4 and Xbox One in November of 2014, and on PC in April of 2015, Rockstar included the ability for those players who had bought the game on the previous generation of consoles to transfer their progression from that version of the game to any of the three newer platforms. If you haven’t taken advantage of that ability, but would still like to, your time is running out. Rockstar says that that service will “no longer be possible as of March 6, 2017.”

The announcement comes as part of a bevy of information on in-game sales, GTA Online information, and more. Rockstar says,

“If you have not yet brought your characters and progression over from PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC, time is running out as this will no longer be possible as of March 6, 2017.”

The company also points out that 2016 was a great year for GTA Online, with December of 2016 having more players in the game than any month prior. If you haven’t transferred your characters, but want to know how, you can find all that information in this knowledge base article.

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