Rockstar Shows GTA V First Person Mode, PC Gets 4K Support – Update


Tazing everyone in sight through the eyes of a madman.

Update: Rockstar has another new video up, this time comparing the PS3 and PS4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V. The short version: You can immediately see how the new lighting engine impacts detail in GTA V, from shadows, to low-light setpieces, to light reflection on shiny surfaces (like cars).

The new video is to the right, while the original first-person feature video has been moved down the page.

Original Story: The next-gen-now-current-gen, and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V are fast approaching (November 18 for consoles, January 27 for PC), and Rockstar is finally (publicly) showing off the first-person perspective goods.

All three platforms will get first-person mode, which extends to every aspect of GTA V — online multiplayer included. The new feature extends beyond toggled camera placement, as Rockstar has gone back to add new animations, and rework all the details you wouldn’t see from a third-person view (car interiors, smartphone interface, etc.)

Rockstar has also reworked the interface and mechanics for first-person GTA V players. An optional first-person-specific cover system has been added, as have “more traditional” FPS controls, and a reworked targeting system.

Along with the new perspective, GTA V players on PC are getting 4K support at launch, which should show off San Andreas at its prettiest (assuming you have the hardware to pull it off).

Other extras included in the new releases? 100-plus new music tracks, 20 new animals, at least one new weapon (rail gun!), and heist missions for multiplayer.

Source: Rockstar | IGN

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