Rockstar Starts Social Club


Rockstar Games has announced the Rockstar Social Club, which will offer stat-tracking and community features for Grand Theft Auto IV.

The GTA developer is taking a note from Bungie’s book and boosting its website with a bevy of stat-tracking software. This information will be viewable to players of Rockstar’s releases, starting with Grand Theft Auto IV, at the Rockstar Social Club.

Registration for the Rockstar Social Club begins on April 15th and anyone can sign up with their Xbox Gamertag or a PlayStation Network ID.

The site will launch with multiple “clubs” and GTA-themed leaderboards beyond the expected multiplayer positions.

The Liberty City Police Department Blotter will aggregate data from every online-enabled user to identify criminal activity in the single-player mode to determine the most dangerous areas of the city, most commonly used weapons and more.

“The Story Gang” is a leaderboard that honors player achievements in the single-player storyline, such as total playing time and speed runs. Members of this club will have access to online widgets and merit badges marking their in-game accomplishments.

The 100 percent Club commemorates those who finish the single-player experience with full completion. The first ten winners will be honored with a rare “Key to the City” to mark the accomplishment.

The Hall of Fame features players who top the charts in various areas, including reaching in-game landmarks and winning Social Club-sponsored competitions.

Lastly, the Liberty City Marathon measures milestones for the miles walked, driven, and swam. Other goals include number of bullets fired and stunts jumped. Rockstar plans on organizing “marathon” tournaments online.

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