Rockstar’s October Twosome


Rockstar is serving up two very different Wii games this month, and to celebrate both releases, they’re giving stuff away. Rockstar Games Table Tennis is available now, and Manhunt 2 will be released in two weeks, just in time for Halloween.

Rockstar Games Table Tennis is a port from their Xbox 360 title with simplified graphics and motion control. Manhunt 2 is, of course, a game that has stirred up a lot of controversy since it was announced.

The Rockstar Games Table Tennis The Freakishly Fit Campus Table Tennis Wii Tournament is touring the college campuses across the U.S. Participants stand to win $5,000 and other assorted prizes.

The Manhunt 2 sweepstakes nets you a chance to win a 50-inch plasma television and a customized Wii covered in gore.

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