How high can you count? Rockstar and Take-Two can count to 22 million.

Grand Theft Auto IV has undoubtedly sold very well and made both Rockstar and Take-Two quite a bit of money since it was released back in April 2008. A lot of money. How much, you ask? 22 million units worth of money, as it turns out.

Speaking at the ThinkEquity Annual Growth conference, Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick announced the stupidly high numbers, as well as the fact that the GTA franchise has shipped more than 114 million units in total. That’s a lot of run-over hookers.

Additionally, Take-Two’s got some other high-shipping game series:

Shipments of Take-Two’s Midnight Club series have reached 18.5 million, NBA 2K 17 million and Red Dead Redemption 12.5 million. Strategy series Civilization has shipped 11 million, relatively new franchise Bioshock has reached 9 million and Wii hit Carnival Games 8 million units.

The Max Payne series – which will see a third title released early next year – has shipped 7.5 million units, the Mafia franchise 5 million, Borderlands 4.5 million and The Darkness 1 million units.

These numbers are all pretty impressive; Take-Two clearly has some strong franchises helping keep it afloat during a time when many companies are struggling to just stay alive. That said, I want you to go back and look at those numbers: Carnival Games has managed to outsell both Borderlands and The Darkness. Combined. That just seems wrong.


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