In the finest tradition of year-end awards ceremonies as well as the Original Spirit of Videogaming, the 2007 Rodent Game Awards will take place on January 31 at the Royal George in London.

Way of the Rodent, organizers of the event, have issued an open invitation to the small and low-key ceremony, which is open to both game makers and players. Tickets are freely available but limited in quantity and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Marketing types are especially welcome if they agree to sponsor the bar.

“Last year we dressed Capcom in the gay cowboy outfits from Dead Rising, praised Criterion’s knobs, read out loads of apologies and drank much Belle Vue Kriek,” the company said in a statement. “Oh, and we’d like to extend, once again, a very warm welcome to our special guest – Rodrigo Hensley of Sony Computer Entertainment Belize, he’s a card and make no mistake.”

Categories for this year’s event include Game of the Year, Best Game Level, Most Difficult Moment in a Videogame to Explain to the Missus, Bestest Explosions and The Holy Shit Will You Just Look At That Eyes of Jesus Technical Achievement Award. A full list of award categories and nominees, as well as a link to register for free tickets to the ceremony, is available at the Rodent Awards 2007 website.

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