Seeking the perfect pulp gift for the Star Wars fan and gaming addict in your life? This book is the answer.

Penned by Rob Smith – the current editor of PlayStation: The Official Magazine and a former editor of PC Gamer and the Official Xbox Magazine – Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts is chicken soup for your geeky soul.

Many attribute George Lucas’ meteoric success to his classic Star Wars films (the good ones at least). However, gamers may be better acquainted with his endeavors in the digital entertainment industry (both Star Wars and non-Star Wars alike). Rogue Leaders provides the first in-depth look at the long and fruitful history of LucasArts. This interesting and hefty hardcover tome will appeal to a broad range of enthusiasts.

Whether you’ve memorized hours of classic Star Wars quotes and dress up as Darth Vader beyond Halloween or you fondly recall classic games like Ballblazer, Maniac Mansion, and Grim Fandango, you shouldn’t need Force persuasion to run out and pick up this gem. Featuring 300 reproduced pieces of artwork and over 250 pages of history, interviews, and interesting stories, the $60 price tag is worth it.

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