Romance Maru and Build a Robot With These Stardew Valley Marriage Tips

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Settle down with the resident robotics expert of Stardew Valley with these romantic tips and tricks. Even if Maru isn’t your chosen paramour, we’re here to explain how to get married, where to get the rare Mermaid Pendant, and how the friendship system works.

More than just a simple farming sim, Stardew Valley is an enclosed ecosystem of charming mechanics and farming fun. When you’re not growing crops, you’ll be building friendships in town. These friendships eventually lead to romance, and romance can result in marriage — along with a few kids if that’s what you’re into. Learn how to get started with Maru as an example case study with our in-depth marriage guide.

There’s a specific beach you’ll need to reach to get a chance at marriage. Learn a little bit more about the beach and how to earn a quick supply of Stardew Valley cash here to get your robotics journey started early.

How to Romance Maru

Some surprising developments occur if you choose to romance the resident mechanic / scientist of Stardew Valley.

Maru is one of ten marriage candidates. She lives in Pelican Town with her parents and siblings. She can be found in her room, or at the Pelican Town clinic.

To become friends with NPCs, you must bring them gifts they like. Bring enough gifts, and unique events will occur at certain heart levels.

Maru’s Favorite Gifts

  • Battery Pack / Cauliflower / Diamond / Gold Bar / Iridium Bar / Miner’s Treat / Pepper Poppers / Rhubarb Pie / Strawberry

In the Spring, Strawberries are a great gift you can grow yourself. Purchase Strawberry seeds during the Egg Festival. It takes 8 days to grow Strawberries.

For summer gifts, grow Hot Peppers and create Pepper Poppers.

Battery Packs are obtained during rain weather events if you have a Lightning Rod. Otherwise, one can be found in the tunnel to the left of the Stardew Valley bus stop where you first arrive.

To get Diamonds, Gold Ore, or Iridium Ore (which can be used to create Gold Bars or Iridium Bars) you’ll need to explore the Mines or the Skull Mines.

Heart Event Tips

Giving gifts increases the heart level of your chosen NPC. Special events will occur at Level 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10.

You’ll lose hearts if you don’t talk to an NPC for a week or more. Visit them often! You can also complete quests for the NPC to increase your heart level with them.

Lvl. 2 Heart Event

  • Location: Maru’s House: Lab – Any Day Between 11AM-1PM

Here, you’ll speak with Maru’s dad. Select “Actually, your dad was being weird.” for the better outcome. It doesn’t matter what you say during this event.

Lvl. 4 Heart Event

  • Location: Harvey’s Clinic – Tuesday / Thursday 8AM-8PM

You’ll find Maru at the clinic this time. She asks for your help resolving an issue. Tell Harvey it was an accident to avoid hurt feelings. Don’t lie!

Lvl. 6 Heart Event

  • Location: Maru’s House – Any Day 11PM

Leaving the mines, you’ll run into Maru looking through her telescope. Choose “Beautiful Planet” when she asks what you see.

Lvl. 8 Heart Event

  • Location: Maru’s House – Any Day After She Returns from the Clinic

When she accidentally shocks you, tell her it “Barely Hurt” to make the situation better.

Lvl. 10 Heart Event

  • Location: Maru’s House – Any Day

Maru has finished her big project! Yep, she’s built her robot. Sadly, you don’t get to keep the robot. It wants to be free, so the pair decide to let it go.

How to Get Married

If you reach Heart Level 10, you’ll be able to marry one of your paramours. You can reach Heart Level 10 with any NPC, but you can only marry one. Choose wisely!

To get married, you’ll need two items; a bouquet and the Mermaid Pendant. A bouquet can be made with flowers or purchased in Pelican Town. The Mermaid Pendant is trickier.

Mermaid Pendant: How to Get It

The Mermaid Pendant is sold from the NPC Vendor in the southeast beach only accessible past broken log bridge you must repair. It will only become available under specific circumstances.

  • 1. Unlock the first Farmhouse upgrade.
  • 2. Repair the bridge to the coral beach in the southeast corner of the map. It requires 300 wood to repair.
  • 3. Talk to the NPC Vendor when it is Raining. It costs 5,000 gold to purchase the Mermaid Pendant.

Now that you have the pendant, gift it to your marriage prospect when they are Heart Level 10. If they’re maxed out, they will always accept the offer.

After your proposal is accepted, the marriage will occur in three days. Then she’ll move into your house, adding an extension to the bedroom.

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