Full controller and Big Picture support will be available as soon as Creative Assembly gets its grubby mitts on a dev kit.

“We’ve always wanted the Total War franchise to be enjoyed by living room gamers,” says Creative Assembly, “but the limitations of traditional hardware made our style of game play impossible.” With the launch of the Steam OS, those days are done, and now Creative Assembly’s on the Steam bandwagon. Full support for the OS, its Controller and Big Picture will be available as soon as it gets access to a developer kit, and Rome II will launch on Linux early next year.

“Pick up a copy of the game this weekend while it’s 25% off,” Creative Assembly promises, “and you’ll be able to play the Linux version as soon as it launches!” Rome II is Creative’s most successful Total War title to date, allowing you to take your legions and crush the ancient world under your sandals, while at the same time dealing with sneaky politics at home.

Creative Assembly’s confident that the Steam Controller will give gamers as fun a Total War experience as keyboard and mouse ever could. We shall see; there isn’t a confirmed release for the Steam Machines, but all indications suggest they’re due mid 2014.

Source: Creative Assembly

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