Being a man, I rarely have occasion to explore my feelings on the subject of receiving flowers. Today would appear to be the exception to that rule.

Burke Day (R), of the Georgia House of Representatives, sent me a nice bouquet of roses today. Eighteen of them in fact. There was even a card. It reads:

Love is always saying you’re sorry.

Here’s the thing: Until today I’d never heard of the man, or of anything he’d ever done (to my knowledge) that would require an apology. The delivery was quite clearly addressed to me, c/o The Escapist, so I’m pretty sure it was at least intended for me, but the intention itself may be suspect. I’ve emailed Rep. Day’s staff requesting an explanation. I shall post an update when or if one arrives.

Until then, I’ve got a nice spray of roses on my desk to admire, and ponder. I have to admit to being a little excited at the prospect of receiving a gift of flowers, in spite of the reduction in e-testicle size that accompanied the realization. Also, the envious looks from the ladies in the office have really boosted my self-esteem. So I guess I should thank Burke for the lovely flowers, or perhaps curse him for opening a Pandora’s box of conflicting emotions. What to do … what to do …

Here’s hoping this day doesn’t get any stranger.

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