This up-coming indie puzzle game is all about getting the spins.

The last time I remember a game making me motion sick was Descent. Back in 1995, my body had yet to adapt to 3D gaming, and playing too long would usually have me choking back vomit. Now, indie developer No Goblin is releasing a game to throw those previous decades of equilibrium into jeopardy with Roundabout, a puzzle game that’s all about reckless driving and lots of loops.

Roundabout follows Georgio Manos, a “revolving chauffeur”. Seeing as how Georgio is the world’s first such chauffeur, the trailer helpfully demonstrates the concept. Essentially, it’s a limo that perpetually spins around, acting as a threat to all life and property in its way. Meanwhile, you’ll have to complete missions and solve puzzles, guiding your gyrating vehicle about the open, “maze-like” world. No Goblin describes it as “open world puzzle action” that’s equal parts Crazy Taxi and Tony Hawk. Oh, and it also features a love story told in “revolutionary ‘full motion video'”, which I’m sure will push our VGA cards to their limits.

If Roundabout piques your interest, it’s currently up for Steam Greenlight. It’ll launch for the PC in 2014 for $14.99, but can be pre-ordered now for just $9.99. Meanwhile, I’m going to have a lay down until the spins stop.

Source: No Goblin

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