RP Digest #1


Having trouble keeping track of the action in your favorite RPs? No problem! Our weekly RP Digest will keep you in the loop.

Prototypes: Super Hero RP

Hosts: Samuel_of_Saruan, Sparrow Tag

Sparrow’s Log – First Entry
Things didn’t go to smoothly this week. Mainly the reason I started this diary. Though, I’m calling it a “log” as it sounds more manly. Hope Sarah doesn’t find this.

Anyway, Samuel doesn’t seem to know why but, I’ve lost my voice. I don’t mean I’ve got Swine Flu. Oh no. I can’t talk. Litterally. Samuel seems to think it’s fixed my “impending doom” somehow. I’m not going to argue with a man that kills people with his mind.

Everything went pretty quickly. We found the American Prototype in what was left of the test facility, but not before Doc showed up and snagged her. Not sure what that Prototype wants to do with old Two-Face, but that doesn’t matter. She’s made an enemy of herself, and that’s her problem. Not ours.

The Unknown: A Game of Fear, Ignorance, and Adventure

Host: Zemalac

Thus far the Expedition has assembled in the city of Buron, then traveled to Tyb to take on the last of the supplies. Along the way there was much conversation, mostly about various character’s pasts. More importantly, perhaps, a sailor named Feron was brutally murdered in the night. Later that day there was an attack by pirates, during which Raven del Cid revealed that he is a powerful mage with control over the elements.

Once in Tyb the Expedition a few new characters were introduced: John J. Piercefield, a player, and Doctor Jemalkin Nexaddo, who was sent by the University.

Welcome to Rapture: Bioshock II

Host: Lost in the Void

Bioshock 2 assumes that the main character of the videogame took the evil path. It takes place in New York city about two weeks after the events of BioShock. At this point, the group has just finished fighting Jack the hero from the game and now are heading to his base of operations to investigate what he wanted in New York. Meanwhile, the group fights addiction to ADAM, paranoia and each other.

Across the Four Great Islands

Host: TikiShades

As the Galath Arena settles from its attack by mysterious assassins, and a raging fire settles by work of Tronfros, the Kaedan Debatra recieves an Invitation to the Shadows. As Jeistan begins to train for the upcoming Semifinals, Olm is determined to figure out the secret behind the mysterious attacks. The band of exiles led by Eisicin discover the ancient temple Kalgorith, as Lucien the Serpenti discovers a secret about one of the Arena Combatants.

Yet, they have yet to even scratch the surface of the world of Uniria. Might you, too, journey across the Four Great Islands?

Generic Zombie Game: The Undeadedning of the Undeaded.

Host: freebiewitz

Generic Zombie Game was created as a tribute to other generic zombie movies, games and stories cramming them all together into one hell of a bloody mess. The four survivors are caught between two factions vying for power in a ruined city amongst the undead.

Recently, in Generic Zombie Game, a protester runs around with signs saying “Save the zombies”. Red shirted people and blue shirted people exchange bullets. A cat is found and adopted by the group, its name? Zisac!

Red shirted people are revealed to be rebels and the blues are run by the goverment! A man named Tim Scott has the answers and cure to the virus – The group must find him!

The protester from ealier is revealed to be this man. The group is now between the ruins of a secret lab, a bomb, fast zombies and goverment soldiers.

The True RPG Series

Host: Cleril

True RPG is a series of group roleplaying games revolving around one character. Everyone and anyone can vote on what the character does based on the choices given in the current situation. Currently there are three active True RPG oriented games.

True RPG 8 – The original True RPG, a fantasy world. Humans, Totillions, Gronglins, and Anarkins are the main races to choose from. This is a skilled roleplay, meaning you assign skills to the character which is a vote of making said character.

Here are links to True RPG 8 and other skilled and unskilled (no character voting) True RPGs:

Silent Hill RP, True RPG Style
A Day in the Life, True RPG Spinoff
True RPG 8

Can’t wait to see what happens next week! To add your RP’s action to the digest, just email your synopsis to [email protected]. For full details on how/what to submit, please see this thread. User Group RPs welcome, too!

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