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The Center

Host: TheGreatCoolEnergy

The year is 1956. The Cold War. Nuclear tests. Television. Elvis Presley. Times are good, communists are bad. Everything is as it should be is suburban America. Or is it? A new cult has arisen, called the Hollow Earth Cult. They work in secret. They sacrifice. They are fanatical. And no matter where they are, they all worship the same being: The Center.

Now our story brings us to the small town of Greenburg. A peaceful town, the perfect picture of 50’s life. Until the Hollow Earth Cult came into town. People have started going missing. Pets have been found dead. The residents are afraid, the police unwilling to stop them. But it is only the beginning.

Our intrepid adventurers, led by the P.I. Billy Smith after he had a strange vision of a mysterious, seemingly malevolent being, convened and resolved to investigate strange goings-ons in the eerie mansion out of town recently bought up by a reclusive millionaire. Arming themselves heavily through a variety of connections, they found the house filled with fanatical cultists who would have killed them but for their superior firepower. The millionaire, Frank Jones by his own admission, was killed but first became a vessel for that same voice, telling him that “The Gate Keepers are coming for you. And they will bring you to me, and I will personaly see to the suffering you will endure. You cannot escape. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, they will find you.”.

Though they had seemingly crushed the cultist presence in Greenburg, Billy couldn’t shake the feeling that the cult’s invasion had just begun.

The Coliseum

Host: Dream King

Of all the men and creature I have encountered throughout the Tides, the Spires, the Field, the Forest, and the Center, none quite match the ferocity and determination of those warriors who I have seen fight in the Coliseum. They wield battle axes that are taller than the average man, wear armor so strong they seem to have been forged by the gods themselves, and wield powerful magic, often involving inflicting pain or injury to the caster. My only hope is that they can keep up with someone capable of out running an arrow in flight.

Prototypes: Super Hero RP

Host: Sparrow Tag, Samuel_Of_Saruan

Sparrow’s Log – Fourth Entry

I can’t believe it but, we found others. More Prototypes, just like us. Three of em’, to be exact. They’re a not too talkative, but they’re friendly enough. More importantly though, we got to them first, before Doc and Razi could get their grubby hands on em’.

I wouldn’t say these guys fill the gap that was made when Patrick and Emily died, but they certainly help make it smaller. And who knows, maybe with these three on our side we can finally take down Doc. Once and for all.

PS: We also found a dog and I stole a car. How awesome is that?

Arkham Unleashed

Host: eTuners

Bruce’s death has shaken us all up. Dick seems upset, not that he’d show it. Batgirl got angry, her way of dealing with it I suppose.

Me? I feel a bit empty. Who’s ever heard of a Robin without a Batman? It’s not right, but what can I do about it? We can’t even give Bruce a proper burial for crying out loud. How are we expected to let go when we’re not even sure whether Bruce is dead?

The Zombie Apocalypse Squad II

Host: Portal Maniac, Samuel_Of_Saruan

Emerson’s Log – First Rant

Who do these people think they are? First, they assume they’re allowed to join my crew. Then, the assume they’re allowed to start giving out orders? What the hell?

It’s not exactly easy when that Felix kid is on my back all the time. Not like that though. I don’t swing that way, unlike that little tyke. Who decides they’re gay at that age anyway? Even in a zombie apocalypse, that’s just weird.

The Unknown

Host: Zemalac

The night in Tyb is finally over. The black-masked assassins who were attacking Keil were killed in vicious fighting, leaving Jonas Thrace, Raven del Cid, Ko’el and Keil wounded. Jacien Criver is dead, killed by his own grenade, which set off the bomb that was hidden in his chest. The undead abomination was killed by some sort of invisible machine that burst out of cover in the hold, and which seems to be under the control of someone on the ship. The end of the fight on the ship was witnessed by the arrival of the Provost’s Guard, who are keeping the Expedition confined to the Cepolada.

Meanwhile, Ticky and Derlan found the man who had threatened them from the rooftop and chased him from the tavern where he had been hiding to the docks, where he was shot by Tiber and fell into the ocean. During the chase Derlan was shot as well, but was patched up by the Guard’s healers.

Finally, Deslock was summoned before the Lord Provost and told that the Expedition must leave the city or face unspecified charges. The ship is being repaired, and will leave during the afternoon.

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If you’re starting up an RP, or need more players, this is the place to let everyone know!

The Zombie Apocalypse Squad II

The sequel to the long running Zombie RP is here, but we’re currently looking for more players to flesh out the storyline. If anyone wants to join, please PM our two GM’s, SamuelT or Portal Maniac and inquire further.

Prototypes: Super Hero RP

The behemoth that is PRP is currently looking for a female RPer to take on the role of the villian “Razi”, due to the disappeareance of our player. Please contact Sparrow if you wish to inquire about the character.

If you’d like to send in a summary, or would like to recruit for a new RP, drop an e-mail to [email protected].

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