RP Digest #9


Having trouble keeping track of the action in your favorite RPs? No problem! The RP Digest will keep you in the loop.

Guardians of London (A Monster Hunting RP)

Host: Lord_Ascendant

Eliza Gray and the Guardians of Light, a group of monster bounty hunters in 1875 steampunk London, have been fighting a losing battle for almost 300 years. On the case of a string of deadly murders, Eliza, Cedric and her team of warriors and investigators tracked down the killers, a group of power-hungry werewolves, but before they could strike they were struck first in the middle of the night. Weakened and out for revenge, the Guardians struck back, crashing a party of these evil Lycanthropes and defeating their discarnate shadows. Eliza and her team of sorcerers and warriors defeated the wild and murderous new clan of Werewolves but Zeke has succumbed to a werewolf bite and needs to learn to control his powers. With Eliza pregnant with Rowan’s child, things are getting Hectic at the Sanctuary of the Guardians. Now a Witch rapist has attacked and now their only witness is dead, hot on the trail of the killer will they find them in time?

Welcome to Rapture: Bioshock II

Host: Lost in the Void

This week, it’s the final confrontation, the final battle, how can the group stop the self proclaimed Messiah, Joshua, from unleashing CAIN across the world. They have no hope it seems, except for their minds, and a secret weapon within Scott. What did Joshua, and Richardson mean when they said, Scott was meant to kill him? Is this fate, or a long set in stone plan to move the world in a new direction? The answers will soon reveal themselves to the group, but can they take it. It’s the final battle for the world, read on to the final conclusion next week.

” title=”” target=”_blank”>The Castle

Host: Shapsters

The journey to retrieve the sword was fairly uneventful, no monsters, or beasts, or bandits nor trolls on the way to the cave. It was inside the cave when the situation really started to get dangerous, it would turn out that the cave was a bandit hideout! The poorly trained bandits were of course no match for the group and they easily made it though the cave (with a few problems of course) then arrived in a large cavern. Killing the few bandits inside, a powerful mage suddenly emerged with the sword that they were searching for in his hands.

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