RP Digest #2


Having trouble keeping track of the action in your favorite RPs? No problem! Our weekly RP Digest will keep you in the loop.

The Survivors

Host: Wilfrules4ever

This week, Chapter One has been closed as everyone has gotten into groups. Some have met the bad guys and others have talked about ice-cream. Now a large task has been set for the groups: Group 1 has gotten locked into a high-tech radio station, and needs to survive there for two weeks. Group 2 is in a game of deadly cat and mouse in a supermarket, and Group 3 is on a long journey to the mysterious coordinates. The groups are bound to fight many perils and hopefully live to see another day…Just another day as a survivor.

Prototypes: Super Hero RP

Hosts: Samuel_of_Saruan, Sparrow Tag

Samuel’s Log – First Entry

I’m keeping this journal because it seems like there are details I can’t remember sometimes. I blame Sparrow for filling my mind with pointless information.

So after a grueling day of “shopping,” Lydia disappeared. I had assumed that she’d returned to the hotel ahead of us. Seems like I was wrong. I’m a bit worried about her, Doc’s still roaming free with Number Nine, who Sparrow insists I call “Razi.” I’m inclined to listen. Last time he got pissed I had to soak my hat in soda to get the stench out.

I settled the dispute between Portal and me by recreating his ice cat. He seems happy, but as strange as ever. Then, Sparrow pulled me aside and wrote that Number Nine had payed a visit. Trying to seduce him I suppose.

I got the call from my contact. He’s got some of the files. He’s a good earner. I hope he stays good. For both our sakes.

The Second Shadow War

Host: Portal Maniac

King Robin walks in on James about to ‘please’ several women, excuses him, and they walk. Robin tells him that the Library is an evil cult of magicians, the Feline War is a lie to attack the Library, and he shall inherit the throne. Then Robin shows him the dragon, Scarlet. He tells of their pact, of to protect the Kingdom and their fives being joined. Robin can’t speak humanly, but gains powerful magic. James is going to learn the most secret magic from Scarlet.

The Unknown: A Game of Fear, Ignorance, and Adventure

Host: Zemalac

A lot has happened in Tyb this week. Suffice to say that there were assassins and prophecies, tavern brawls and thrones of skulls and secret messages written in elaborate codes. The usual.

It is currently early night in Tyb. The GM will be away this upcoming week, unfortunately, so not much will happen then, but after that things will get moving very quickly.

Welcome to Rapture: Bioshock II

Host: Lost in the Void

This week, our survivors investigate Jack’s main headquarters. As the majority of the group sneaks in the back way, Garret, and Scott have taken the suicide route, attempting to stem the tides of Splicers in the building. As they do this, Joshua’s group has found the source of all Little Sisters and Big Daddies in New York. It is horrifying, but why is Joshua smiling about it? Garret and Scott plot against him, and what secrets does Josh hold? Find out this week on the BioShock II RP. Rapture was only the beginning.

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