RP Digest #3


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Avatar Adventures: The Open RP

Host: Ramthundar

Dear Thor,

Hey, how’s it going? Sorry I haven’t written much, but when you have legions of creatures all wanting to redecorate your hind-quarters with various weaponry, you don’t have much time to write.

Anyways, I formed the Hero Group you wanted!….sort of. It’s been changed around bit, but so far we’ve got a ninja-monkey, a lazor cat dog, one sultry cow (you should see the rump on her!), and a freaky-mutant boy. We had two other heroes, but they turned to the dark side…

BUT we have quest! We’re now saving the world from some Combine guys, but first we need to find all the Freemans and Frohmans of this world.

Ramthundar (aka, Ram)

Zombie Apocalypse Squad II

Host: Clirck

Two years after a small band of survivors first took up the mantle of the ZAS, another group have gathered together in a small French village, fortified against undead attacks.

With the aid of a trio of RAF pilots, the survivors in the village fight off assaults from undead wielding explosives and a mutated giant zombie before encountering a young man searching for his brother.

In return for petrol for his Jeep, he agrees to help the survivors find parts for an armored vehicle they are building, but upon returning he starts a confrontation with the pilots and is struck unconscious.

Welcome to Rapture: Bioshock II

Host: Lost in the Void

Inside Jack’s main headquarters the group has found what Jack had been working on. A harvest of ADAM and the creations of Little Sisters and Big Daddies have the group amazed and sickened. The members of this group remember their origins, and new truths are discovered about them.

Garret has found a tape about their mysterious leader Joshua. His origins have been found out and he isn’t happy about it. They may know where he came from, but they don’t know who he is. As more is found out about each person can the fragile trust that holds them together, stop them from killing each other?


Host: Lost in the Void

A few of the worlds mythological creatures, known as ‘Mythos,’ have formed into a group poised for survival, instead of fighting war with humanity as many have. One group calling themselves the Blackjacks, led by the gargoyle Allen, have abandoned their base in search of refuge with a large camp in Zambia.

When they arrived, the camp’s leader betrayed them and had Allen kidnapped. Now the remaining Blackjacks have found him in Egypt, suffering torture and starvation at the hands of the UN.

One spot will be opening in this RP, PM Lost in the Void

Prototypes: Super Hero RP

Hosts: Samuel_of_Saruan, Sparrow Tag

Lydia’s Journal

I found Razi. Dear God, did I find her. I don’t know if it has been hours or even days since I was captured.

She’s fallen in with Dresden, the last prototype from the Soviet project, and now she won’t believe a thing I tell her. I don’t think she even remembers who I am, that we were friends. Dresden is a psychopath and a murderer and Razi can’t even see this!

Maybe the other prototypes will come for me, but for now I have to try and help Razi. She’s all I have left.

My hand hurts.

Prototypes: Super Hero RP

Hosts: Samuel_of_Saruan, Sparrow Tag

Sparrow’s Log – Second Entry

So much has happened so fast. Razi contacted me and Lydia went missing in a matter of minutes. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I’m powerless, I’m mute and I can’t even face Sarah. I may as well not even be here. Maybe it’d be better if I just left, it might be easier for the others.

Events took another turn though. Razi left a note in my pocket when she spoke to me, but I only just found it. Seems they took Lydia to some hotel, but it doesn’t seem they’re keeping her hostage. Razi just wants answers, and none of us can blame her. Still, her note is a little strange. Why would she want me, of all people, to “Stay safe”?

Maybe she’s not the enemy we thought she is.

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