RP Digest #5


Having trouble keeping track of the action in your favorite RPs? No problem! Our weekly RP Digest will keep you in the loop.

The Second Shadow War

Host: Portal Maniac

Telemain, Corwyn, and Irene have arrived at the Feline capitol and alerted their prophet of an incoming invasion. One guard, Rio, escorted them to a local Inn. Corwyn decided to test his speed against the Felines, and barely got to the Inn before them. They currently are waiting for the prophet’s course of action.

Robin, James, and Targutai have assembled the Eastern Empire’s army and are currently a day’s march away from The Arcane Library. The assault shall commence soon, wiping them off the planet.

Kallia feels as if death is on the Library’s doorstep….. or maybe her own.

The Mauldor Time-Line, Book 1: Birth and Rebirth

Host: Mordereth

The party is split, with Bildin the Gnome Wizard and Njord the Barbarian taking a separate, trap filled route. The other, with Siskan the Medicine-man Troll, Artemis the Half-Elf Ranger, and Miffy the Wood Elf Rouge Prince (for as good as that does him).

While the later has had more of the same, Imp slaying out the Wazoo, Bildin has disarmed a magical trap and he and Njord have just finished navigating swinging blades without loss of any lives or limbs and now enter a chamber with strange holes in the wall. What could this mean? Could this be the end of them? Well, that’d be anti-climactic for the ending of the first dungeon, but be sure to check out Birth and Rebirth!

Prototypes: Super Hero RP

Hosts: Samuel_of_Saruan, Sparrow Tag

Sparrow’s Log – Third Entry

Patrick and Emily are dead. We had to leave them behind when we rescued Lydia. Samuel and Iceous are pretty messed up too, only Sarah and I made it outta there without any serious injuries. We dragged what was left of anyone with a pulse back to the hotel. They’re fine, for now. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that we lost, and now we’ve lost a third of our team.

Aesis was first, now Patrick and Emily. How long until the rest of us are dead? How long until the American scientists get what they want? Only now is it clear why Razi was made. The Russians in the Cold War must have deemed us a mistake. Failures to be erased from existence.

Welcome to Rapture: Bioshock II

Host: Lost in the Void

Things escalated this week, as Joshua threatened to unleash CAIN upon the world, thus beginning his sick and twisted mission to a close. A mysterious stranger, later found to be Dr. Richarson, the only person to understand Joshua’s madness, intervened, blowing off Joshua’s hand and sending him out the window. Joshua isn’t dead though, he’s headed back to Rapture for more CAIN, he’s taking control of Rapture, and preparing a surprise. Meanwhile the US government, in an act of containment is about to unleash a nuclear bomb upon New York City. With no time to save anyone, our survivors are going to to Hell, back to Rapture.

The Unknown: A Game of Fear, Ignorance, and Adventure

Host: Zemalac

The sniper on deck was taken out by repeated bolts of lightning courtesy of the Expedition’s wizard, but not before she fired off an incendiary that attracted the attention of sailors along the waterfront. She then tried to escape by shouting for help and that the Expedition members were trying to rape her. Fortunately for the Expedition, they managed to hide her and come up with a plan of action before the mob arrived. At the moment the group is split between helping their wounded comrade below decks and perpetrating an elaborate charade to convince the mob of their innocence.

Ghost Squad: R&R

Host: Time Travelling Toaster

Wilson’s De-brief. For Commands Eyes only.

After tracking down the Nine of Diamonds, the Ghosts were sent in to capture the target.

A long battle raged when the squads entered the immediate area of the target. In the resulting fight we suspect the Ghosts took down nearly 50 of the rebels, however this ultimately cost the squad a member, Damien Barrac.

Damien gave his life so two other Ghosts could live, Sebastian who’d being caught in a trap and his rescuer, others received minor injuries. Recommend a R&R for the whole squad.

Report end.

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