RP Digest #6


Having trouble keeping track of the action in your favorite RPs? No problem! Our weekly RP Digest will keep you in the loop.

The Second Shadow War

Host: Portal Maniac

The Eastern Empire attacked the Library! Telemain, Irene, and Corwyn, teleport to the Library to find Kallia during the assault. Robin destroys the barrier of Wild Magic, which whiplashes throughout the complex and razes the roofs. He, Targutai, and James storm the room. Telemain collapses the building, fleeing with the magicians. The humans follow, and mistakenly assume they teleported to the Feline lands, when they actually went to the main tower. Robin opens the teleporter, allowing his companions to enter the Feline lands. He goes to Samuel’s crucifix, when the skeleton regenerates flesh and engage him in battle. Telemain, Corwyn, Kallia, and Irene charge down the tower and stand on the sidelines, waiting for a chance to help. Scarlet the dragon comes charging, then flees when Robin commands her to.

Deathless Ideal

Host: CosmicCommander

Train Number 845-4 was on its way to Svobodny, a town in Southern Siberia. Unfortunately, its “Cargo” set it on a lethal course, now the train is lying on its side, in the middle of nowhere, with no help in sight.

Fortunately, there is hope for the people on the train; they are about to be liberated from the chains set by the USSR, because the ICA has freed them. And now the adventure has truly begun, the Bolsheviks will never know what hit them.

The Unknown: A Game of Fear, Ignorance, and Adventure

Host: Zemalac

This week in the Unknown, the Expedition successfully bluffed the mob with a combination of potions, blood and fast talking. They also managed to keep the “dead body” involved from being stolen by corpse smugglers, and were able to get everything contained and below decks.

Before they could do anything else, five sinister figures in black cloaks walked onto the ship, knocking Captain Grummond aside and making for the hatch. The five seem to have unnatural strength, and move oddly. At the moment they are being fought by the knight, Marneus, though how long that will last is anyone’s guess.

Avatar Adventure: An Open RPG

Host: Ramthundar

“Dear Thor,
Wassup, my panthoen-dawg? Not much been happening since we’ve last talked. We just got attacked by a legion of Mii’s, sucked up by a black-hole, landed in a derelict space-ship, had our main villain guy die (yay!), landed on the now alien-controlled Earth 100years in the future (boo!), met some new guys (some Dragon brothers and a Doomsday), fell in a hole, killed a city-large spider, went on a quest tasked by our greatest enemy to find the Sword of Novogrod, and are now going to our ex-villains hide-out to get a formula for another villain.
So, just the per-usual agendas.
Hugs and kisses, Ram.”

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