RP Digest #7


Having trouble keeping track of the action in your favorite RPs? No problem! Our weekly RP Digest will keep you in the loop.

The Second Shadow War

Host: Portal Maniac

Robin conjures up twenty ghostly swords in a ring around Samuel. They stab him, then Robin dismembers his arms and legs, and then saws off the magician’s head. Telemain, Kallia, Irene, and Corwyn slip off into the forest, then run for their lives once they’re out of the line of sight. Robin decimates the Library with a powerful spell, then steps through the teleporter and poses as a Librarian solder in the Feline lands. The magicians are now waiting out the night, wallowing in their sadness and planning a possible revival of their old friend Samuel.

The Unknown: A Game of Fear, Ignorance, and Adventure

Host: Zemalac

This week in the Unknown, the fight against the five in black continued, with the Expedition struggling against their seemingly indestructible foes. In the middle of the combat a shadowy figure appeared on a nearby rooftop, shouting that it was the mythical creature known as the Tikoloshe. He claimed that he had Mark Resdian hostage, and would trade him for another member of the Expedition, namely the wounded man Keil. He also said that he had explosives planted on the bottom of the ship.

Meanwhile, below decks, the doctors are hard at work trying to save Keil’s life…

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