Following political uproar and misinformation in the European press, the UK release of Rule of Rose has been cancelled.

Due for release in the UK today, 505 Games has issued a statement to inform the press that Rule of Rose has been cancelled. “Following discussions with our retail and publishing partners, 505 Games has taken the decision not to publish Rule of Rose in the UK at this time.”

The controversy began when the mayor of Rome spoke out against the upcoming release, claiming that it was too violent and not good for children. Soon after, anti-bullying groups joined the conversation and Italian newspaper Panorama claimed that the player buried young girls alive to “win” the game. Despite protests to the contrary and an invitation to press and politicians to see the game in Milan, 505 Games has decided to bow to public pressure.

The British Video Standards Council has not been happy with the press coverage, speaking out against the misinformation used to vilify the game. The council also shot back at Europe’s justice and security commissioner after comments made suggesting that the standards council did not rate the game high enough after giving it a 16+ rating. “I wouldn’t call the game violent. We’re not worried about our integrity being called into question, because Mr Frattini’s quotes are nonsense,” said VSC secretary general Laurie Hall, referring to Frattini’s exaggerated descriptions of the game’s brutality.

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