Rule Of Rose Continues To Draw Fire In Europe


Anti-bullying groups in the UK slammed Rule of Rose for violent content. Italian publication Panorama claims that the “winner” of the game is the player who buries a young girl alive.

Following demands from the mayor of Rome that Rule of Rose be banned, anti-bullying groups in the UK have now begun to speak out against horror game. “The contemptible thing about this game is that you play the role of a teenage girl being abused. Who would want to play such a thing, and who would want to make such a thing?” asked Niall Cowley, a member of Beatbullying.

“This isn’t the sort of game that should be released in the UK,” said Liz Carnell, director of Bullying Online. In the Uk, Rule of Rose is rated for players 16 years or older, but the guideline is not enforced by the government if a store sells the game to minors.

505 Games, the company publishing Rule of Rose in Europe, has invited critics to see the game on November 23rd in Milan, hoping to clear up some misconceptions held by politicians and the press. One of the biggest ones is a report in the Italian paper Panorama which erroneously stated that the winner of the game is the player who buries a young girl alive.

“The burial of the protagonist or of any other child does not appear in any scene of the game, not even indirectly,” said a 505 Games representative. “The scene that has triggered the discussion is in reality a dream sequence that serves as part of the introduction to the adventure: a non-interactive video sequence in which the protagonist, who is not a minor, is captured inside a crate.”

Source: GamePolitics

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