Rumor: BioShock MMO in the Works


Will the world of Rapture be going massively-multiplayer?

The first two Bioshock games established the franchise as a shooter, but anonymous sources have told Destructoid that 2K Games might releases a BioShock MMO.

There aren’t any details beyond that, which isn’t that unusual given that it’s just a rumor, but BioShock’s undersea setting certainly has plenty of character, the splicers have roles that could be made into classes and have been shown to have factions that the players might join, so there is scope, at least, for an MMO.

2K has expressed an interest in a BioShock MMO in the past, but whether or not it ever gets made remains to be seen. Even the idea of it is likely to be incredibly divisive however, just as it was with BioShock 2.

Source: Destructoid

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