Keira Knightly, Jessica Biel, and Anne Hathaway are three of the six actors on this week’s shortlist.

Another day, another Dark Knight Rises rumor. Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated third Batman movie goes into production in May, and is reportedly casting up. “Sources” tell the Hollywood Reporter that six actors — Gemma Arterton, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly, Kate Mara, and Charlotte Riley — are up for roles in the film, with tests taking place in the next two weeks. Rumor has it that Nolan has two large female roles that need casting, one of which might be Talia al Ghul.

While Biel, Hathaway, and Knightly are the most well-known names on the list, their counterparts aren’t total newcomers. Arterton has the most feature film experience, with roles in Quantum of Solace, Pirate Radio, Clash of the Titans, and Prince of Persia, but has just been cast in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, which will likely schedule her out of the running. Kate Mara’s sister, Rooney, is the more visible Mara at the moment, with roles in The Social Network and the upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Kate herself has appeared in We Are Marshall, Iron Man 2, and 127 Hours. Riley has more television work on her resume than anything else, with appearances in series such as The Take and DCI Banks: Aftermath. She’s also engaged to Inception actor Tom Hardy, who has already been cast in Dark Knight Rises, albeit in an unspecified role.

The Dark Knight Rises, which has been the subject of more rumors than you can throw a batarang at, was scripted by Nolan, his brother Jonathan, and David Goyer, all of whom worked on The Dark Knight. Filming is reportedly taking place in London and Los Angeles, and there’s a rumor about Detroit floating around out there, too.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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