If Paramount gets its way, the new Transformers could have a lot more cockneys and kicking.

Director Michael Bay is said to be in talks with Paramount over returning to the Transformers franchise for not one, but two new movies. The studio apparently wants to shoot Transformers 4 and 5 back to back in order to save money, and Bay is said to be “interested” in more robotic carnage.

Bay apparently wants to film his something without robots first – the bodybuilding crime thriller Pain and Gain – but as Paramount’s plan wouldn’t see filming start until either late 2012 or early 2013, there’s plenty of time for him to do both. The plan also reportedly includes hiring Jason Statham as the star, which would suggest a fairly significant change in tone from Shia LaBeouf’s three-part coming of age story.

The Transformers movie franchise has done incredibly well with Bay at the helm – even in the face of a particularity frosty critical reception – so it’s not really surprising that Paramount would want to bring him back. Of course, there are plenty of Transformers fan who hoped that they’d seen the last of Bay, and that the next movie would be more like the G1 continuity they’d grown up with. Still, Bay can’t make Transformers movies forever, right?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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