Rumor: Microsoft Developing AAA Shooter for Kinect


If a recent resume posting is anything to go by, it looks like the Kinect might finally be going hardcore.

Sean Woods, the Art Director of the Vancouver Branch of Microsoft Game Studios, has a very interesting little statement tucked away in his resume. “Our studio strategy,” it says, “now focuses on developing a core AAA shooter experience using Kinect.”

It looks like all that talk about hardcore gamers coming to love Kinect in 2011 might actually be coming true. The young Canadian studio, originally meant to develop casual and social games, now states on its website that it is “Dedicated to making games for ‘core’ gamers.” Core games, you say? “Our mission is to push the limits of proven and unexplored game development and show the world what’s possible on Microsoft’s game consoles.” Core games on unexplored Microsoft game consoles? It sounds like if anyone was developing a Kinect shooter, it would be these guys.

No official word from Microsoft has been released as of yet, but considering the push to get some titles hardcore gamers can appreciate on the Kinect (with games like Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and Codename D coming out this year), it wouldn’t be crazy to think we might soon be getting an official announcement out of MGS Vancouver.

Source: NeoGAF via Eurogamer

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