Based on some new job postings, it sounds like Lara Croft is going to get to play with friends in her next game.

Crystal Dynamics recently revealed a number of details about its new Tomb Raider reboot. One thing, though, that hasn’t been discussed is whether or not the game will feature a multiplayer mode. However, a couple of new job postings at the development studio make it seem like multiplayer action will be a part of the title.

The job postings don’t exactly state that Crystal Dynamics is planning to put multiplayer gameplay in the next Tomb Raider title, but it certainly seems like this feature is being planned. The developer is looking for a multiplayer producer who has “demonstrable project management experience” and has the ability to “take on a major production role in the multi-player part of an upcoming action adventure title.”

Aside from the producer position, the company is also looking for a “senior multiplayer game designer.” The notes for this position mention that candidates will be working on co-op and player vs. player gameplay.

Of course, Crystal Dynamics isn’t officially commenting on what these positions mean for the game, but it seems like a pretty reasonable assumption that the game is going to feature a multiplayer mode … especially since Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light featured multiplayer action. For the moment, this is still technically a rumor, but one that seems pretty accurate.

Source: NeoGAF via Joystiq

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