Rumor: PlayStation Move-ing Arms in September


It’s rumored that Sony’s PlayStation Move will be making arms flail wildly just as kids are forced back into school.

Sony’s plans for the release of its lollipop-like motion controller that you can lick but probably shouldn’t, the PlayStation Move, were set for a general fall 2010. Thanks to Jason Bradbury of the UK’s Gadget Show (on Five), rumors are hovering that September will be the month of Move’s release.

Bradbury tweeted: “.. another thing I was meaning to say. Sept for Playstation Move!!! I’m sure of it. Can’t say why. Just.. September 2010.” The Gadget Show is a technology news show, so maybe Bradbury caught a whiff of some PlayStation Move information somehow.

Sony sent a statement to VG247 that said: “SCEE will confirm the launch date for Move in due course, and any dates mentioned at present are just rumor and speculation.” A rumor also leaked out earlier this week that Microsoft’s Natal would be launching in October, so maybe Sony wanted to make sure they hit a month earlier. It looks like E3 2010, which runs from June 15-17, will hold many an announcement about release dates, including Natal’s, Move’s, possibly the Nintendo 3DS’s, and lord knows what else.

Via: VG247

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