Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach potentially revealed plans for the newest incarnation of Road Rash in a decade.

Skid Row frontman and VH1 regular Sebastian Bach may have unveiled the return of classic EA franchise Road Rash before the publisher could officially announce it.

During an interview with the Classic Metal Show, Bach discussed his new tour and that one of the band’s new singles would be included in a game. “Another clean vocal song is ‘You Don’t Understand,’ which is the second song on the record, which I totally specifically went for the clean vocal sound, but it is a super heavy song. That just got picked up for some video game- Road Rage, or Road Rash, or something like that.”

Electronic Arts responded to Kotaku, “Though CEO John Riccitiello has recently mentioned it as a classic, beloved EA franchise, Road Rash is not currently in development.”

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