Rumor: Six Days In Fallujah Developer To Close Doors


Sources are claiming that Atomic Games is not long for this world.

News reached us on Thursday that developer Atomic Games had let go an unspecified number of staff members. Now, an anonymous source is claiming that this number may be higher than Atomic has implied. If these rumors are correct, then previous reports that they would continue with funding from their sister company Destineer may turn out to have been overstated.

Speaking to IndustryGamers, the anonymous source claimed that of the company’s 75 employees, only a dozen or so remained: “The remaining team is basically a skeleton cleanup crew that will be gone soon too. They are trying to downplay the extent of these layoffs, but the reality is that Atomic is pretty much dead.”

Atomic’s misfortunes all center around their controversial shooter Six Days In Fallujah, billed as a realistic look at the Iraq war, that was dropped by publisher Konami only weeks after it was announced following the negative reactions it garnered from the USA.

We’ve contacted Atomic Games about the rumors and will keep you updated on the developer’s fate.

Source: Shacknews

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