Rumor: Twitter Working on Tweet Editing

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Anonymous sources say that Twitter is working on a new feature that would allow its users to make small corrections to live Tweets.

Twitter can often be a useful place to find useful snippets of information about people, organizations and events. That being the case, it can also be a horrendously bad place to make a typo. In a longer a document little mistakes can perhaps be forgiven. There’s usually contaxt to halp you figure out what a parson’s really trying to say. That said, within the confines of a 140-character Tweet, even a misplaced letter or two can lead to a disastrously different meaning.

Currently, if you happen to notice a personal Twitter flub, your only real option for fixing it is to delete the Tweet in its entirety and then re-write it. That being the case, the world may soon be a brighter place for Twitter fanatics. While it has yet to be confirmed by Twitter itself, anonymous sources have apparently indicated that the company will soon be implementing new editing features that will allow you to make changes to Tweets shortly after they go live.

The supposed options would have some limits. You’d only be able to make edits for a brief time after you post them, and even then, users will be limited to “slight changes” such as removing words and fixing typos. Twitter is apparently also working concurrently on an “editorial algorithm” to detect when someone is attempting to drastically change the meaning of a post. In other words, you won’t be able to go back to that Twitter argument you had yesterday and alter things to make yourself look better. That being the case, if this new editing feature turns out to be legit, it could offer a more elegant solution to one of the common blunders people make on Twitter.

Source: The Desk

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