Is Ubisoft’s first Wii U game going to be an MMO. A recent batch of job listings hints that it’s a strong possibility.

Right now, most game companies are staying rather quiet about what projects they’re working on for Nintendo’s Wii U console. That said, clues are starting to surface about what Ubisoft’s got planned for the system, and the early signs point to a pretty big MMO.

Yesterday, Emile Gauthier tweeted the following message, along with a link to Ubisoft’s Facebook page, which contained some job listings: “Ubisoft Quebec is working on a NEW AAA MMORPG Game and we need people to fill these very strategic positions.”

The job listings, meanwhile, included the following positions:

Senior Engine Programmer – Wii U – AAA title
Quebec – Full Time

Network Programmer – Wii U – AAA title
Quebec – Full Time

Quebec – Full Time

There are also some slightly older positions for MMO jobs, like an animation director and gameplay programmer for an MMO.

As a result of these job openings, the Internet Rumor Mill is starting to work itself into a fury. It’s certainly possible that these positions could have been listed for work on the same project, or they could be totally unrelated. Even if Ubisoft isn’t working on a Wii U MMO, that means it’s got a couple of unannounced – and big – projects in the works.

Source: Ubisoft’s Facebook Page via Massively

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