Run Over the Undead in Zombie Driver


As it turns out, the cast of Left 4 Dead was doing everything the hard way.

The scenario is familiar to most gamers (or general nerds) by now: A disaster – in this case, a chemical disaster – has changed the general populace from normal, everyday humans to brainless, ravenous monsters who may or may not actually be undead. You’re one of the few survivors, so what do you do? Do you hide in your house and wait for the end? Do you grab a machete and a shotgun and try to make a break to safer waters?

No. In Zombie Driver, you get in your car. What transpires is a mix between games like Left 4 Dead and the classic Spy Hunter or the original Grand Theft Auto – vehicular mayhem from an isometric perspective – that features one lucky survivor tearing through the hordes of infected individuals with railguns, flamethrowers, and four-wheeled steel.

The game, developed by Polish indie studio EXOR, supposedly features a free-roaming city with 17 story missions, upgradable cars and weapons that include flamethrowers, miniguns, and railguns, but who cares about any of that? You’re slaughtering zombies en masse with a car, and that’s awesome.

Zombie Driver is out on GamersGate and Steam in a measly two hours, and it won’t even set you back $10. Impulse buy, anyone?

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