Riding through dust clouds and barren wastes whilst crafting only the finest Madden GIFs.

Ask me when I played a Madden game last, and I’ll tell you it’s been years. YEARS, I say. This is an oddity, given my proclivity for sports of all kinds. With Madden fandom a non-factor, the Madden GIFerator is an amazing site that can produce instantly classic works such as this (my love of the Madden GIFerator has been well documented on Twitter).

So when I was linked to this unholy marriage of a Iron Maiden-Madden GIFerator video today? Needless to say I’ve left it on repeat for the last several hours.

The NFL has…well, it’s not been a fun place to be these last few weeks, especially for someone who loves to both watch and play football. But removing oneself from the serious nature of the NFL’s recent problems with domestic abuse, and enjoying some comedy, if only for a moment, is keeping me sane for now.

And on a deeper level, Run to the Hills is about Native Americans fighting against their demise at the hands of the encroaching white settlers (and their armies), which ties in with the whole Redskins name debacle. Sticking it to a corrupt, anti-trust-exempt monopoly while enjoying a well-made YouTube video? That’s the Internet in a nutshell.

Up the irons, indeed!

Source: YouTube | h/t: Patrick

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