Why fight in the streets when you can settle things with a dance battle?

Back in April, a group of Street Fighter fans made a silly little video that infused the classic fighter with a healthy dose of high-school drama. It was kind of like Smallville or Buffy, only with less Kryptonite or vampires and more Hadoukens.

It turns out that they same group is busy working on a sequel, only this time around things are getting, shall we say … more melodious. The above video is the trailer for the follow-up, Street Fighter High: The Musical. You get a sense of what the full thing will be like really from the moment Dan Hibiki starts to apply chapstick and asks “Would you fight me? I’d fight me,” and it only goes places from there. Strange, somehow appealing places.

No, you probably won’t get to see Zac Efron take a Shoryuken to the face, but really, isn’t this the next best thing?


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