GSC Game World, the development team behind 2007’s ambitious first-person shooter and roleplaying game hybrid, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.,
has released a DirectX 10 trailer for the upcoming prequel, Clear Sky.

The trailer, available at, showcases a bevy of effects the developers say is driven by DirectX 10.

Boasting impressive, detailed and nuanced visuals, the trailer depicts alternately grim and bright environments featuring “god rays, soft water, volumetric fire, dynamic wet surfaces, and water splashes,” among other touches.

DirectX 10 has come under fire and suspicion among some gamers because support for it is exclusively tied in with Windows Vista, and because some supposed DX10-only effects in other titles have been enabled in Windows XP through user “hacks.”

The game is due out on August 29 via Steam.

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