In the name of the moon, I will have my cards read!

Now you can call upon the divine in style, thanks to DeviantArt’s Sillabub429. She’s created an entire Tarot card series featuring the beloved characters of Sailor Moon. Tarot cards are generally gorgeous works of ornate art in their own right, but add Sailor Moon to the mix and you might as well just bleed my bank account dry.

Each character is a fitting representation of their card. Queen Beryl is looking incredibly devlish as The Devil, Mercury’s calm and steady nature shows through in Temperance, and Mars’ fiery demeanor lends perfectly to the High Priestess card (not to mention she was, you know, a priestess in the original canon).

Take a look at some of her glorious creations below and head over to her DeviantArt page to see the full series.

Source: The Mary Sue

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