Saints Row 2 DLC Details Revealed


Saints Row 2‘s first DLC pack, Ultor Exposed, will feature new missions, vehicles and maps, and add a bonafide adult entertainment star to the cast of the already morally questionable game.

Saints Row 2 is a game in which you’re tasked with spraying human excrement on people and buildings by operating a vehicle affectionately referred to as the “doodoo truck.” A game in which a minigame has you trying to inflict as much physical harm to your character in order to rack up money via insurance fraud. A game in which you can toss old ladies off cliffs.

How do you make a game like Saints Row 2 even more ridiculously juvenile? Add a genuine, world famous porn star to its cast of virtual delinquents. Tera Patrick, one of the biggest names in adult film, will be one of your new in-game “homies” in Saints Row 2‘s first DLC pack, Ultor Exposed, due on Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 16 for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99.

Patrick’s character will play a pivotal role in the DLC’s new mission arc, which will consist of three new missions that Volition wagers will take gamers a couple hours to get through. Aside from the new mission arc, Ultor Exposed will also add six new vehicles, more ridiculous hairdos and outfits, new multiplayer maps, and a new co-op metagame that tracks your performance during missions in co-op and hands out bonus cash to the player with the better score.

But anyway, about the porn star, who has been working on the game as a producer, but who nobody ever said anything about being in the game. How did this even happen? According to Volition, it’s all about rewarding players for playing Saints Row 2 and Ultor Exposed, whatever that means. Plus, her appearance in the game lends itself perfectly to the over-the-top silliness that defines Saints Row.

“Consider this: You’ve got Tera Patrick on speed dial,” Volition’s James Torbit described. “She’s unloading an assault rifle into a Masako super soldier while you’re driving around a truck full of dead bodies. In your garage you’ve got an armored vehicle that fires heat-seeking missiles as fast as you can pull the trigger… and you’re wearing a new alien costume. Honestly, WTF is going on here?”

Volition will be starting work on the next DLC pack as soon as work wraps on Ultor Exposed. They say it’ll be out in less time than it took for Ultor Exposed to come.

[Via IGN]

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