“We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” says Volition’s Jim Boon.

Fans of giant purple dildos, rejoice, as Volition’s Jim Boon feels that dildos – and all the antics that have characterized Saint’s Row in the past – are part of the series’ DNA, and critical to its success. Moreover, Boon claims, the fans wholeheartedly agree, and are demanding more.

“I think our tone is an element of our success,” says Boon, adding that “we have a lot of passionate fans that love [Saint’s Row], so I think we are striking the right chord.” It’s liberating to be able to do pretty much whatever you like, without restriction; it’s also putting the pressure on Volition to come up with new toys for gamers to play with. So long as they’re fun, of course; fun is what made Saint’s Row 3 sell as well as it did, and Volition’s hoping for more of the same – in terms of sales – from Saint’s Row 4.

“We do get an awful lot of feedback from fans telling us how much they love our juvenile tone,” Boon claims, “with some asking us to go even further!” So it’s just as well, as Boon points out, that Volition doesn’t take itself too seriously. Particularly given the THQ bankruptcy saga; a team needs a good sense of humor to get through something like that. Come launch day, August 23rd, you’ll know exactly what kind of juvenile antics Saint’s Row 4 has in store for you.

Source: PC Gamer

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