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Saints Row Update Will Fix the Game with 200+ Improvements & New Features

Saints Row reboot November Update 200 fixes improvements co-op garages San Ileso busier

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition have detailed a massive Saints Row update arriving later this November. Saints Row Twitter explained that the November Update includes more than 200 improvements and fixes for the franchise reboot. Some of the fixes will liven up Santo Ileso by populating it with more pedestrians and police, while also making it easier to find some collectibles and lower the notoriety level.

Some of the bigger changes will be seen in the co-op, challenge, and collectible features. “Significant testing” went into refining the Saints Row co-op experience, with the November Update improving connectivity and fixing mini-map issues. Volition also promises that multiplayer will be a “much smoother experience going forward” for those who enjoy blowing up Santo Ileso with friends. Challenges and collectibles, meanwhile, will now track properly, so those who might have previously lost out on rewards thanks to a glitched objective will see the error corrected.

Other quality-of-life fixes for Saints Row in the November Update include rebalancing combat and progression. Saints Row will also offer players an additional seven garages when the update drops, with new ways to manage vehicles, too, and the PlayStation 5 version will return support for DualSense haptic triggers. Along with a voice pitch slider and UI improvements, Deep Silver and Volition are practically posing this update as a free mini DLC drop. It’s more than a welcome addition after Saints Row launched to middling reviews and fan reception in August. Whether or not the update will be enough to reinvigorate fan interest remains to be seen, but stay tuned for the release later this month, which will come with full patch notes.

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