Fantastic Fest buzzmaker is a female-fronted Raid in reverse

Update: A superior-quality “red band” version of the original trailer has now appeared online.

Original Story: 2011’s The Raid featured a hero trying to get out of an apartment building filled with enemies out to kill him. 2014’s Everly inverts that premise on multiple levels, with Salma Hayek as a heroine fighting to defend one apartment from wave after wave of trained killers trying to get in.

Hayek plays a woman who has gotten in bad with The Yakuza, and finds herself holed-up and alone when an army of hitmen, mercenaries and other killers attack her apartment looking to bring her down. Complicating matters is her determination to make sure that, whatever happens to her, she gets a stash of needed money to her mother.

The film, from director Joe Lynch (a cult fave since the spectacularly-violent Wrong Turn 2) was a big hit at this year’s Fantastic Fest – which also saw the enthusiastic debut of another action-heavy “comeback” feature in Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. Evan Saathoff, writing for Badass Digest, called it “Pretty much as awesome as it sounds.”

Everly hits VOD on January 23rd, ahead of a theatrical release in February.

Source: YouTube

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