Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez announced on Twitter that Sam Raimi, director of the original Evil Dead series of films, will be directing the much-anticipated sequel to Army of Darkness.

As producer of the Evil Dead remake, Sam Raimi has stayed close the cult horror classic material that launched his career and that of actor Bruce Campbell. Now, Fede Alvarez, director of the remake, has pegged Raimi as director for Army of Darkness 2. The original film, Army of Darkness, saw The Evil Dead hero Ash (Campbell) travel back in time to the Middle Ages to both start and end an uprising of undead Deadites. In March 2013, Raimi’s longtime producer Rob Tapert confirmed that the sequel was in the works. On October 10, at Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, Campbell confirmed that he would reprise the role of Ash in the sequel. Now, Alvarez’s statement on Twitter has fans of the Evil Dead series slinging quotes about boomsticks and shopping smart at S-Mart while they wait for official confirmation from Raimi.

Rumors of a sequel have stirred up fan excitement for many years, but the recent confirmation by Campbell lends a little more weight to the tweet from Alvarez. Alvarez has been working closely with Raimi on the sequel to the Evil Dead remake. The remakes do not star Ash, leaving Campbell’s character free to appear in a sequel to the comedic medieval horror without interfering with the story. Until an official announcement is made, the reunion of Raimi and Campbell for a new entry in the Evil Dead universe is not guaranteed. It might not be a sure thing, but for me, I know that if this film makes it to theaters I’ll be the first one in line, saying, “Hail to the king, baby!”

Source: io9

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