Satellite Reign Achieves Kickstarter Goal


Satellite Reign, the “spiritual successor” to Syndicate that hit Kickstarter last month, has crossed the finish line.

5 Live Studios, an Australian indie outfit, rolled Satellite Reign out on Kickstarter on June 28 with a funding target of £350,000 ($550,000), a lofty goal for a studio nobody had ever heard of. I was doubtful that it would make it, which makes me doubly happy to note that it has – and rather handily, too.

Satellite Reign didn’t blow the doors off like, say, the Double Fine Adventure, but it crossed the line with four days remaining, meaning there’s still time to hit at least the first stretch goal, which will bring original Syndicate composer Russell Shaw to the project. The remaining stretch goals – translations into other languages, destructible environments, the addition of new enemy factions and more – are a little further out of reach but still possible with a big push at the end.

The studio has revealed three agent types since the Kickstarter began – Soldier, Hacker and Support – and plans to unveil the Assassin Agent soon, along with PayPal pledging and a few other “surprises.” Meanwhile, there’s still time to get in on the action: The Satellite Reign Kickstarter runs until July 28.

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