Save $10 On Recent Atlus 3DS Games

Etrian Odyssey IV promotional artwork

Atlus has announced a new sale on the Nintendo 3DS eShop that cuts $10 from the price of three of its recent games.

If you know only one thing about publisher Atlus, it should be that the company has made its fortune by delivering quirky Japanese games to the West that very few of us would otherwise see. If you know two things however, the second should be that Atlus, more than any company save Nintendo, has been releasing some of the finest games available for the 3DS handheld. Now, thanks to a new promotional effort, the company is making three of those games even more enticing.

From now until August 31, you can visit the 3DS eShop and buy Code Of Princess, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner – Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey IV for $10 less than their standard retail price points. That puts Code Of Princess at $20, while Etrian Odyssey IV and Soul Hackers are both now $30.

Are there caveats? Well yes. Like I said, the sale ends on August 31 and since these prices are only applicable to the eShop version of these games, you’ll need to have ample free space on your 3DS’ memory card to store the titles. Otherwise though, you can view this as a generous price cut on three quality games, each of which can very easily suck up dozens (or in the case of Etrian Odyssey IV, hundreds) of hours of your life.

I will warn those of you who have never played an Atlus game previously to try the eShop demos for these titles before you purchase them. They’re fantastic titles, and I personally like each one, but they aren’t really like anything else. You’ve been warned.

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