Not many quadcopters can fit in the palm of your hand. Even fewer drones of this size can take off, hover, and land smoothly on autopilot. The JetJat Ultra Nano Drone can do all of this, plus stream live high-quality footage to your smartphone-and it’s available for $30 off from New Atlas Deals.

There are two ways to launch the JetJat: hit the launch button and allow the drone to rise, or simply throw it upward. Either way, this tiny quadcopter maintains perfect balance, thanks to its six-axis gyroscopic stabilization technology. You can also choose from three speed modes to choose from.

With your smartphone mounted on the controller, you can watch live video beamed back from the drone. The JetJat can also pull tricks and fly after dark thanks to the LED headlamps. Plus, the controller has a range of 100 feet, and an integrated “garage” to keep the drone safe in your bag.

It’s normally priced at $129.99, but you can currently grab the JetJat Ultra Nano Drone for $99.99 with free US shipping and a choice of two colors.

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