You may never want to see another piece of pumpkin pie as long as you live, but we know you’re still craving deals. And we’ve got ’em: Get 25% off all online development courses with discount code CYBER25 at checkout. You can get 25% off all VPNs with the same discount code – just make sure you use it today, because it’ll be gone tomorrow.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in sale:


Lifetime Subscription to VPN Unlimited: Stay safe online for life – this VPN keeps your personal information and browsing activity completely safe and away from prying eyes, even when you’re on public WiFi. A lifetime subscription is usually $499.99, but you can get 25% off the discounted price of $29 today.

Python Programming Bootcamp: Master the language behind YouTube and Google with this six-course bundle. You’ll learn how to use Python for penetration testing, you’ll build apps from scratch, and you’ll learn programming fundamentals that’ll come in handy throughout the rest of your career as a developer.

Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle: Take your photos from good to great – or from great to pro-level great. The eight courses in this bundle teach you Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom techniques that’ll take beauty shots and landscape photos alike to the next level.

The Complete Machine Learning Bundle: Master AI with this 10-course bundle – you’ll get over 60 hours of training in the field of computer science that powers self-driving cars, speech recognition technology, and recommendation systems.

Don’t forget to get 25% off all online development courses and VPNs with discount code CYBER25 at checkout – all deals are only available today, so move fast!

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